Why electric bikes are cheaper for commuting

electric bike

The popularity of bikes has grown over the years. More people are aware of the impact of vehicles on the environment, hence why bikes are becoming a trend and a cheaper way to commute. You can avoid paying for public transport and gas. With the rise of bikes, businesses have later on found an open market and demand for electric bikes. We’ve listed some of the factors on why electric bikes are a great option for a cheaper commute.

100% Electric

Electric bikes are much faster than regular bikes, and it doesn’t require gasoline. The gasoline prices are continuously increasing and polluting the environment which isn’t good for everyone. Furthermore, it’s ten times cheaper to charge your bike compared to using gasoline.

Cheaper than public transport

Just like the cost of gas, public transports are also increasing their prices every year which all adds up at the end of the month. Instead of continuously paying for the transportation every month, you can use the funds to save up for an electric bike which will be more beneficial and cheaper for you in the longer run.

No insurance

Owning a car will require an insurance. Electric bikes, on the other hand, doesn’t require an insurance which means you will get to save extra money on the side. It’s optional to insure your bike so it’s entirely up to you.

No parking

Electric bikes are parked for free. With cars, you’ll always have to pay extra for parking. Furthermore buying a high-quality lock will not cost you as much as when you’re continuously paying for parking wherever you go.

Easier and cheaper to maintain

Repairs for electric bikes will only cost you a fraction of the price compared to repairing a vehicle. The bikes require very little maintenance as you’ll only have to worry about the tyre or the battery.

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