Motorbikes, E-Bikes and Push Bikes – Which Should You Choose?

It can be hard to weigh up all the pros and cons of different types of bike when you’re not sure which is going to be the most suitable mode of transport for your needs. Here we consider some of the main benefits of e-bikes compared to traditional push bikes, as well as motorcycles which offer a whole new set of benefits and drawbacks.

Pro – They’re much faster and more powerful, which makes them great for travelling long distances and getting around quickly.
Pro – They have the most customisation options, such as custom number plates. You can purchase a registration online and use a number plate maker to have your road legal number plate made and shipped to you.
Con – They’re one of the most dangerous forms of transport due to the speed they travel at and the limited protection offered to riders.
Con – Motorbikes are significantly more expensive to buy and run than traditional bicycles or even electric bikes.
Pro – They’re very cheap to run since they only need charging up every so often.
Pro – They help you get more exercise as you still have to work but can go at your own pace and travel further.
Con – Compared to standard bikes they can still be a little expensive.
Con – They can’t travel at high speeds, so they’re much more like a regular bike than a motorcycle and not likely to be a suitable substitute if you already ride a motorcycle.
Push bikes
Pro – They’re the cheapest and cleanest to run, with no fuel costs or emissions.
Pro – The initial cost of buying a standard bike is the lowest of the three-letter
Con – They’re also the slowest option, so they’re often not suitable for long commutes or other journeys.
Con – Operation is completely manual so you’ll need to make sure you don’t get too tired to ride home.
We recommend taking a more detailed look into each of these three options if you still find yourself stuck, or even find other alternatives to consider. Regardless of your eventual decision, it’s vital to make the right choice you based on your exact requirements, budget and what you’re comfortable with.

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