How to maintain your electric bike battery

An electric bike battery is a powerful machine that can store a massive amount of energy for long travels.  There are many ways you can maintain your battery in a healthy state for long-term use. It’s cheaper to retain them instead of having to spend a lot on purchasing a new battery. To help you get started, we’ve provided some useful tips below.

Keep them clean

It’s ideal to check the battery once a month ensure that the inside is clean. You can clean the battery with an emery cloth to ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

Keep them dry

The e-bike can still be used in a light rain weather. However, the battery can only take in a few amount of water. Too much water can cause some issues with corrosion and oxidation, so make sure that they are dry after using them in rainy weather. The water can reduce the power and efficiency of the battery if they are not properly dried.

Keep the battery fully charged

The e-bike battery is made of lithium batteries, and the best way to maintain them is to ensure that your battery is fully charged all the time. This means that even if you have only used them for a short journey, you should charge them again until its full. The reason why you need to keep charging them is to ensure that the battery can maintain its ability to hold power for longer. Ideally, you would need to keep them charge as well even if it’s not being used.

Keep them cool

When a battery is too overpowered or exposed to warm weather, it can lose its power at a faster rate. The best way to keep them cool is storing them in your home away from heat and direct sunlight.

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