Everything You Should Know About Electric Bikes in the UK

ebike1Electric bikes provide the same benefits as traditional bikes. It is a great step to get a sustainable environment. With the shortage of natural resources and the high price of oil, electric bikes can be a great solution. The government of the UK is doing everything to promote this bike to get a greener environment for the people.

Advantages of electric bikes

It is cheap as it doesn’t require any licensing and insurance.

It is good for health as no harmful gas is emitted.

It is efficient in climbing hills or fighting the wind.

It is a comfortable biking experience for people who are suffering from knee pain or asthma caused by exercise.

It can encourage you to commute to your workplace using these bikes and have a great time with your friends as well by cycling along community paths, away from traffic.

It gets rid of many challenges that people face with the pedal-powered cycles.

The UK electric bike regulations

There has been a recent change in the UK electric bike regulations. The new regulations are set so that more people feel compelled to use the electric bike for transportation. Here are regulations for the electric bike in the UK.

Anyone more than 14 years of age can ride the electric bikes legally in the UK.

The electric bikes need to have 6km/h start-up assistance throttle.

It should not have a motor of more than 250 watts of power.

The weight of the electric bike is restricted to 40 kg.

The maximum speed with which you can ride is 15.5mph.

Those who exceed the 15.5 mph limit should register, get insurance, provide tax and wear a motorcycle helmet. The registration will require evidence of taking a moped class of vehicle that is either given by the manufacturer or by the DVSA at a test station.

Electric bikes have the potential to make cycling more popular. Many people who never thought of cycling will be encouraged to use this mode of transportation. The UK has many beautiful paths for riding electric bikes. You will be able to avoid the traffic during peak hours and reach your destination much quickly. Manufacturers are coming up with better features to make this bike more acceptable to the people of all walks of lives. It is a great solution for getting a cleaner environment by reducing pollution. By using a bike, you will become healthy and get more connected to our beautiful nature. As the age limit is 14 years in the UK, young people can also have fun riding the electric bikes.

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