3 Events of Electric Bike Racing in the UK You Can’t Miss

electricbikeElectric bikes are getting popular for giving a clean environment. Various electric bike racing is organized throughout the year to entertain and encourage racers. It is also a way of promoting these environment-friendly bikes. Here are three popular electric bike racing in the UK.

Saietta Racing

This electric motorcycle racing started in 2009. Saietta is a favorite brand for electric motorcycle and has powered more than 80% of electric race bikes throughout the world. The Saietta Group is formed due to the merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors. Saietta Racing combines the technical expertise from F1, automotive and aerospace, thus bringing innovation to the race circuit. It offers zero emissions race bikes. In this competition, one of the major objectives is to promote the technology and bring people out of their comfort zone to experience something new and better. Racing takes place in a harsh environment. So, it is the best place to test the ability of the new electric motorbikes.

TTXGP UK Championship

This race is organized to develop an interest in the new technology among a wide range of people. The race provides a testing platform for the electric motorbikes. This event is trying to expand its territory each year. The event is sponsored by big companies, and it draws a lot of crowds every year. People from various backgrounds can participate in this race. All you need to have is motivation to use the new technology.


It is not only a platform for the races, but also for the innovators and constructors of the new technology of motorbike. Constructors from all over the world come to this event to participate. MotoE is a European Championship and participants come from various parts of Europe. This race provides a unique challenge to the participants. It’s a demonstration of power, strategy, and control. This race can market electric motorbikes to the huge audience in Europe and the rest of the world. This race is very exciting and thrilling.

These events are conducted to promote the use of clean energy in transportation. Electric motorbike is a groundbreaking technology that may be the ultimate solution to have a sustainable environment. Also, with the price of oil rising, it may be a cost-effective option too. Many people are reluctant to try out something new. These races are meant to show people that electric motorbikes work just as good as the normal bikes. These races are fun ways to get people involved in this noble mission of promoting a greener environment to live in.

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