Health benefits of cycling


Cycling has a variety of benefits including cheap and faster transportation. Cycling is a form of exercise which is also highly beneficial for our overall health. Below are some of the health benefits that you can gain when cycling every day.


You may assume that our legs are the only part of our body that’s working when cycling. However, the truth is, our whole body is working while we cycle. The more you cycle, your body strength will get stronger over time.

Weight Loss

Cycling is a form of cardio which helps burn calories and fat. If you’re looking to lose weight, cycling is a great option. You could lose 300-400 calories simply by cycling for 30 minutes every day. The calorie loss will depend on your cycling speed.

Builds Muscle Tone

The more you cycle, the more muscle you will gain in your lower body. Your legs, thighs and hips will become toned and stronger.

Fights Depression

Did you know that bike riding helps reduce our anxiety and stress levels? Just like exercising, it helps to improve our overall mental health in the longer run. Cycling is also an enjoyable experience which helps boost our mood and fights off depression.


Cycling helps reduce our blood pressure which is great for our heart. When your heart is in good shape, it’s less likely that you will get any heart disease.


Biking requires low impact from our muscles which means it doesn’t put too much pressure and stress on our joints. That’s why we can cycle longer compared to running. Running, on the other hand, can take a toll on our joints.

Aerobic Workout

Cycling requires pedalling which amounts to an aerobic workout. Did you know that aerobic exercises trigger our happy endorphins? These are chemicals that make us feel good and uplifted.…

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