Does Your Business Support E-Bike Commuting?

If you run a business or manage employees, you should make sure you’re aware of how they are getting to and from work every day.

The daily commute can sometimes be an ordeal for some people, and often takes up a lot of time. It can even impact performance and enjoyment in the world of work, so being aware of what your staff are going through every morning and evening when they travel between home and work is very important.

So, how many of your employees are cycling to and from work? Research shows that cycling is actually the healthiest way to commute on several levels. In a recent survey…

  • Over 80% of cyclists experienced less stress at work
  • 77% of people said they were more able to concentrate
  • Productivity increases 15% after exercising in the morning
  • Bike riders took around half the number of days off sick as their colleagues
  • Delays on roads and railways cost business thousands of pounds a year on average
  • Businesses that spend money encouraging employees to cycle actually gained money as a result of their investment

According to the data, it’s pretty clear that businesses potentially have a lot to gain through investing in cycling options for their staff. A few strategies you might consider employing include…

1) Incentivising riders of electric (or regular) bikes with additional bonuses.
2) Providing bikes free of charge for employees to use.
3) Installing proper, secure parking measures for bikes at your premises.
4) Partner with a local supplier of e-bikes to get your business or your employees a special rate in exchange for sponsorship or services.

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