Why Denmark Is The Cycling Capital Of Europe

The quiet European country of Denmark, and its modern capital city Copenhagen, cycling is a way of life for the majority of citizens.

The culture around riding your bike every day (on your commute, running errands and generally getting around) is somewhat different compared to some other countries, even to people in neighbouring countries and those nearby like ourselves in the UK.

It’s no coincidence that this country is home to one of the happiest populations on the planet, and the friendly culture in the country helps promote cycling as a pleasant and desirable alternative to driving. Cycling is not always respected like it is in places like Denmark, and as a result we aren’t doing everything we could to help the environment and help people maintain a healthier routine.

It also helps that the infrastructure on the country, especially in Copenhagen itself, lends itself perfectly to cyclists. The roads have actually been designed to support the relatively high numbers of cyclists around, and the relatively low number of cars and other vehicles.

Dedicated traffic lights and cycle lines for push bike and electric bike riders are everywhere, so there is actually an organised and safe system in place. A subtle divide separates cars from bikes, although it is deliberately not too distinct so as to retain the perfect amount of awareness and caution on both sides.

Safety is a key point of comparison, because it’s fair to say that many people in countries like the UK know full well the benefits of riding a bike, whether electrically-assisted or not. Unfortunately they feel they’re simply not safe enough on the roads, and rightly so. Danish bikes tend to features more consistent and advanced safety features, although they are relatively simple.

For example, almost every single bike you’ll see will have magnet-powered LED lights fitted to the wheels which constantly get charged up while riding and never need their batteries replacing. Simple things like this could be hugely beneficial to cyclists elsewhere if the general public were interested enough to adopt them, so we really hope to see more of that attitude in the near future.…

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Does Your Business Support E-Bike Commuting?

If you run a business or manage employees, you should make sure you’re aware of how they are getting to and from work every day.

The daily commute can sometimes be an ordeal for some people, and often takes up a lot of time. It can even impact performance and enjoyment in the world of work, so being aware of what your staff are going through every morning and evening when they travel between home and work is very important.

So, how many of your employees are cycling to and from work? Research shows that cycling is actually the healthiest way to commute on several levels. In a recent survey…

  • Over 80% of cyclists experienced less stress at work
  • 77% of people said they were more able to concentrate
  • Productivity increases 15% after exercising in the morning
  • Bike riders took around half the number of days off sick as their colleagues
  • Delays on roads and railways cost business thousands of pounds a year on average
  • Businesses that spend money encouraging employees to cycle actually gained money as a result of their investment

According to the data, it’s pretty clear that businesses potentially have a lot to gain through investing in cycling options for their staff. A few strategies you might consider employing include…

1) Incentivising riders of electric (or regular) bikes with additional bonuses.
2) Providing bikes free of charge for employees to use.
3) Installing proper, secure parking measures for bikes at your premises.
4) Partner with a local supplier of e-bikes to get your business or your employees a special rate in exchange for sponsorship or services.

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Why Using Both A Road Bike AND Electric Bike Works

Electric bikes represent a great alternative to traditional push bikes in many respects, but that is not to say that you should completely switch and abandon regular road bikes forever. In fact, many people have found that the best strategy involves a combination of the two.

On a day to day basis, an electric bike offers many advantages over other forms of transport, which makes it ideal for everything from commuting to and from work to getting your weekly shopping done at the supermarket. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

  • It’s not public transport, so you get your privacy, stay on time and save money
  • There are no parking costs, which is a major advantage in most cities
  • Charging the motor is much cheaper than fuelling any other vehicle
  • There are no emissions or pollution produced directly by riding
  • You can travel longer distances and carry heavier loads than regular cycling

You probably already know why people choose to use e-bikes for these kinds of activities, but what about other situations where electric assistance isn’t needed or appropriate? Well, sometimes it’s best to also keep a regular push bike for some of the following…

  • Cycling purely for fitness over relatively short distances
  • Cycling clubs where other people aren’t using electric bikes
  • Any other time you want your bike to be lighter or feel like a challenge

Sometimes it’s only fair to leave your power-assisted bike at home so you can level the playing field when you’re riding with others, or when you want to judge accurately how your fitness routine is improving your endurance. That’s why keeping a balance between the two types of cycling really gives you the best of both worlds.…

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Why electric bikes are cheaper for commuting

electric bike

The popularity of bikes has grown over the years. More people are aware of the impact of vehicles on the environment, hence why bikes are becoming a trend and a cheaper way to commute. You can avoid paying for public transport and gas. With the rise of bikes, businesses have later on found an open market and demand for electric bikes. We’ve listed some of the factors on why electric bikes are a great option for a cheaper commute.

100% Electric

Electric bikes are much faster than regular bikes, and it doesn’t require gasoline. The gasoline prices are continuously increasing and polluting the environment which isn’t good for everyone. Furthermore, it’s ten times cheaper to charge your bike compared to using gasoline.

Cheaper than public transport

Just like the cost of gas, public transports are also increasing their prices every year which all adds up at the end of the month. Instead of continuously paying for the transportation every month, you can use the funds to save up for an electric bike which will be more beneficial and cheaper for you in the longer run.

No insurance

Owning a car will require an insurance. Electric bikes, on the other hand, doesn’t require an insurance which means you will get to save extra money on the side. It’s optional to insure your bike so it’s entirely up to you.

No parking

Electric bikes are parked for free. With cars, you’ll always have to pay extra for parking. Furthermore buying a high-quality lock will not cost you as much as when you’re continuously paying for parking wherever you go.

Easier and cheaper to maintain

Repairs for electric bikes will only cost you a fraction of the price compared to repairing a vehicle. The bikes require very little maintenance as you’ll only have to worry about the tyre or the battery.…

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Health benefits of cycling


Cycling has a variety of benefits including cheap and faster transportation. Cycling is a form of exercise which is also highly beneficial for our overall health. Below are some of the health benefits that you can gain when cycling every day.


You may assume that our legs are the only part of our body that’s working when cycling. However, the truth is, our whole body is working while we cycle. The more you cycle, your body strength will get stronger over time.

Weight Loss

Cycling is a form of cardio which helps burn calories and fat. If you’re looking to lose weight, cycling is a great option. You could lose 300-400 calories simply by cycling for 30 minutes every day. The calorie loss will depend on your cycling speed.

Builds Muscle Tone

The more you cycle, the more muscle you will gain in your lower body. Your legs, thighs and hips will become toned and stronger.

Fights Depression

Did you know that bike riding helps reduce our anxiety and stress levels? Just like exercising, it helps to improve our overall mental health in the longer run. Cycling is also an enjoyable experience which helps boost our mood and fights off depression.


Cycling helps reduce our blood pressure which is great for our heart. When your heart is in good shape, it’s less likely that you will get any heart disease.


Biking requires low impact from our muscles which means it doesn’t put too much pressure and stress on our joints. That’s why we can cycle longer compared to running. Running, on the other hand, can take a toll on our joints.

Aerobic Workout

Cycling requires pedalling which amounts to an aerobic workout. Did you know that aerobic exercises trigger our happy endorphins? These are chemicals that make us feel good and uplifted.…

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Advantages of buying an e-bike

electric bike

If you’re looking to buy a bike for transportation or simply for fun, you might want to consider purchasing an electric bike. E-bikes are powered by a  motor battery. There are many benefits of having an e-bike, let’s take a look at the details below.

Physical health

Many people believe that having an e-bike will take away the physical benefits of having a regular bike. This is not necessarily true, as with e-bike you still get to pedal your way through but with the help of the motor, you can speed up and travel faster. You can still get the same physical benefits when you use the e-bikes more often.

Good investment

E-bikes are great for people who are commuting to their work, and it is an excellent alternative to having a car if you cannot afford to buy one as they are much more affordable. With an e-bike, you will also get to reach your destination faster than having a standard bike. You won’t have the hassle of waiting for a bus or walking to work.

Environmentally friendly

E-bikes are environmentally friendly compared to a car as it does not emit any harmful fuel into the air. The bike only runs on a battery.

Cheap to run

The battery on your electric bike doesn’t cost much to charge. A full battery charged can last up to 20 to 30 miles, and therefore you won’t have to charge them too often either.

More enjoyable

People enjoy riding a regular bike but imagine riding a bike where you can travel a lot faster without putting too much energy and effort on pedalling. If you have experience of riding a bike many of you should know that you can get pretty sweaty after riding your bike. With an e bike, you can skip all the hassle and just enjoy the ride.

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How to maintain your electric bike battery

An electric bike battery is a powerful machine that can store a massive amount of energy for long travels.  There are many ways you can maintain your battery in a healthy state for long-term use. It’s cheaper to retain them instead of having to spend a lot on purchasing a new battery. To help you get started, we’ve provided some useful tips below.

Keep them clean

It’s ideal to check the battery once a month ensure that the inside is clean. You can clean the battery with an emery cloth to ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

Keep them dry

The e-bike can still be used in a light rain weather. However, the battery can only take in a few amount of water. Too much water can cause some issues with corrosion and oxidation, so make sure that they are dry after using them in rainy weather. The water can reduce the power and efficiency of the battery if they are not properly dried.

Keep the battery fully charged

The e-bike battery is made of lithium batteries, and the best way to maintain them is to ensure that your battery is fully charged all the time. This means that even if you have only used them for a short journey, you should charge them again until its full. The reason why you need to keep charging them is to ensure that the battery can maintain its ability to hold power for longer. Ideally, you would need to keep them charge as well even if it’s not being used.

Keep them cool

When a battery is too overpowered or exposed to warm weather, it can lose its power at a faster rate. The best way to keep them cool is storing them in your home away from heat and direct sunlight.

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Everything You Should Know About Electric Bikes in the UK

ebike1Electric bikes provide the same benefits as traditional bikes. It is a great step to get a sustainable environment. With the shortage of natural resources and the high price of oil, electric bikes can be a great solution. The government of the UK is doing everything to promote this bike to get a greener environment for the people.

Advantages of electric bikes

It is cheap as it doesn’t require any licensing and insurance.

It is good for health as no harmful gas is emitted.

It is efficient in climbing hills or fighting the wind.

It is a comfortable biking experience for people who are suffering from knee pain or asthma caused by exercise.

It can encourage you to commute to your workplace using these bikes and have a great time with your friends as well by cycling along community paths, away from traffic.

It gets rid of many challenges that people face with the pedal-powered cycles.

The UK electric bike regulations

There has been a recent change in the UK electric bike regulations. The new regulations are set so that more people feel compelled to use the electric bike for transportation. Here are regulations for the electric bike in the UK.

Anyone more than 14 years of age can ride the electric bikes legally in the UK.

The electric bikes need to have 6km/h start-up assistance throttle.

It should not have a motor of more than 250 watts of power.

The weight of the electric bike is restricted to 40 kg.

The maximum speed with which you can ride is 15.5mph.

Those who exceed the 15.5 mph limit should register, get insurance, provide tax and wear a motorcycle helmet. The registration will require evidence of taking a moped class of vehicle that is either given by the manufacturer or by the DVSA at a test station.

Electric bikes have the potential to make cycling more popular. Many people who never thought of cycling will be encouraged to use this mode of transportation. The UK has many beautiful paths for riding electric bikes. You will be able to avoid the traffic during peak hours and reach your destination much quickly. Manufacturers are coming up with better features to make this bike more acceptable to the people of all walks of lives. It is a great solution for getting a cleaner environment by reducing pollution. By using a bike, you will become healthy and get more connected to our beautiful nature. As the age limit is 14 years in the UK, young people can also have fun riding the electric bikes.

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3 Events of Electric Bike Racing in the UK You Can’t Miss

electricbikeElectric bikes are getting popular for giving a clean environment. Various electric bike racing is organized throughout the year to entertain and encourage racers. It is also a way of promoting these environment-friendly bikes. Here are three popular electric bike racing in the UK.

Saietta Racing

This electric motorcycle racing started in 2009. Saietta is a favorite brand for electric motorcycle and has powered more than 80% of electric race bikes throughout the world. The Saietta Group is formed due to the merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors. Saietta Racing combines the technical expertise from F1, automotive and aerospace, thus bringing innovation to the race circuit. It offers zero emissions race bikes. In this competition, one of the major objectives is to promote the technology and bring people out of their comfort zone to experience something new and better. Racing takes place in a harsh environment. So, it is the best place to test the ability of the new electric motorbikes.

TTXGP UK Championship

This race is organized to develop an interest in the new technology among a wide range of people. The race provides a testing platform for the electric motorbikes. This event is trying to expand its territory each year. The event is sponsored by big companies, and it draws a lot of crowds every year. People from various backgrounds can participate in this race. All you need to have is motivation to use the new technology.


It is not only a platform for the races, but also for the innovators and constructors of the new technology of motorbike. Constructors from all over the world come to this event to participate. MotoE is a European Championship and participants come from various parts of Europe. This race provides a unique challenge to the participants. It’s a demonstration of power, strategy, and control. This race can market electric motorbikes to the huge audience in Europe and the rest of the world. This race is very exciting and thrilling.

These events are conducted to promote the use of clean energy in transportation. Electric motorbike is a groundbreaking technology that may be the ultimate solution to have a sustainable environment. Also, with the price of oil rising, it may be a cost-effective option too. Many people are reluctant to try out something new. These races are meant to show people that electric motorbikes work just as good as the normal bikes. These races are fun ways to get people involved in this noble mission of promoting a greener environment to live in.

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