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  • How To Fakie BMX

    If you have any experience riding a BMX bike, you know it is all about the tricks. The more elaborate the trick, the more impressed your audience will be. One […]

  • How To Spin On Rollerblades

    Rollerblading is a great hobby, and is also a sport that many people partake in. Rollerblading is also a great way to exercise for fun, or if you’re trying to […]

  • How To Shoot A Paintball Gun Fast

    The rate of firing of a paintball gun is only limited by the internal construction of the firing mechanism. The rate of fire is proportional to the length of time […]

  • Golf Swing Tips

    One way to improve your golf swing is to improve your posture. The shape and position of your golf swing is largely determined by the placement of your lower spine […]

  • Golf Low Shots

    Lower trajectory golf shots have the highest probability of sinking or getting close to a hole. Although a lower shot has a high ball speed, it has no trajectory to […]

  • How To Putt

    Golf is a great recreational sport, but it can be frustrating if you are always the worst player on the green. The game of golf takes a lot of time […]

  • How Do You Train For A Marathon

    Athletes of all ages are eventually drawn to a marathon. Marathons are the ultimate challenge for the athlete. This one event will measure where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally […]

  • How To Improve Running Speed

    The key to running, regardless of speed is to train with the proper running technique. This means raising up through the torso while remaining relaxed, the middle of your foot […]

  • How To Do Sprinting Drills

    Sprinting drills are one of the most important components of preparing for many competitive, high intensity sports. Track and field, football, basketball and swimming are among the most popular sports […]

  • Reverse Vault

    Parkour is a type of free-running training developments used in obstacles in the military training. You must get from point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. This means […]


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